Atlas of Economic and Social development in Ukraine

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Land Governance Monitoring
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10000 10000
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Avtonomna Respublika Krym
Rayons - 14
Bilohirskyi rayon
Bakhchysaraiskyi rayon
Dzhankoiskyi rayon
Kirovskyi rayon
Krasnohvardiiskyi rayon
Krasnoperekopskyi rayon
Leninskyi rayon
Nyzhnohirskyi rayon
Pervomaiskyi rayon
Rozdolnenskyi rayon
Simferopolskyi rayon
Sakskyi rayon
Sovietskyi rayon
Chornomorskyi rayon
Cities - 11
Yevpatoriia city
Alushta city
Armiansk city
Dzhankoi city
Kerch city
Krasnoperekopsk city
Simferopol city
Saky city
Sudak city
Feodosiia city
Yalta city
Vinnytska oblast
Rayons - 27
Illinetskyi rayon
Barskyi rayon
Bershadskyi rayon
Vinnytskyi rayon
Haisynskyi rayon
Zhmerynskyi rayon
Kalynivskyi rayon
Koziatynskyi rayon
Kryzhopilskyi rayon
Litynskyi rayon
Lypovetskyi rayon
Mohyliv-Podilskyi rayon
Murovanokurylovetskyi rayon
Nemyrivskyi rayon
Orativskyi rayon
Pishchanskyi rayon
Pohrebyshchenskyi rayon
Teplytskyi rayon
Tyvrivskyi rayon
Tomashpilskyi rayon
Trostianetskyi rayon
Tulchynskyi rayon
Khmilnytskyi rayon
Chernivetskyi rayon
Chechelnytskyi rayon
Sharhorodskyi rayon
Yampilskyi rayon
Cities - 6
Vinnytsia city
Zhmerynka city
Koziatyn city
Ladyzhyn city
Mohyliv-Podilskyi city
Khmilnyk city
Volynska oblast
Rayons - 16
Ivanychivskyi rayon
Volodymyr-Volynskyi rayon
Horokhivskyi rayon
Kivertsivskyi rayon
Kamin-Kashyrskyi rayon
Kovelskyi rayon
Lokachynskyi rayon
Lutskyi rayon
Liubeshivskyi rayon
Liubomlskyi rayon
Manevytskyi rayon
Ratnivskyi rayon
Rozhyshchenskyi rayon
Starovyzhivskyi rayon
Turiiskyi rayon
Shatskyi rayon
Cities - 4
Volodymyr-Volynskyi city
Kovel city
Lutsk city
Novovolynsk city
Dnipropetrovska oblast
Rayons - 22
Apostolivskyi rayon
Vasylkivskyi rayon
Vernodniprovskyi rayon
Dnipropetrovskyi rayon
Kryvorizkyi rayon
Krynychanskyi rayon
Mahdalynivskyi rayon
Mezhivskyi rayon
Nikopolskyi rayon
Novomoskovskyi rayon
Piatykhatskyi rayon
Pavlohradskyi rayon
Petrykivskyi rayon
Petropavlivskyi rayon
Pokrovskyi rayon
Synelnykivskyi rayon
Solonianskyi rayon
Sofiivskyi rayon
Tomakivskyi rayon
Tsarychanskyi rayon
Shyrokivskyi rayon
Yurivskyi rayon
Cities - 13
Vilnohirsk city
Dniprodzerzhynsk city
Dnipropetrovsk city
Zhovti Vody city
Kryvyi Rih city
Marhanets city
Nikopol city
Novomoskovsk city
Ordzhonikidze city
Pavlohrad city
Pershotravensk city
Synelnykove city
Ternivka city
Donetska oblast
Rayons - 18
Amvrosiivskyi rayon
Artemivskyi rayon
Velykonovosilkivskyi rayon
Volnovaskyi rayon
Volodarskyi rayon
Dobropilskyi rayon
Kostiantynivskyi rayon
Krasnoarmiiskyi rayon
Krasnolymanskyi rayon
Marinskyi rayon
Novoazovskyi rayon
Oleksandrivskyi rayon
Pershotravnevyi rayon
Slovianskyi rayon
Starobeshivskyi rayon
Telmanivskyi rayon
Shakhtarskyi rayon
Yasynuvatskyi rayon
Cities - 28
Yenakiieve city
Avdiivka city
Artemivsk city
Vuhledar city
Horlivka city
Debaltseve city
Dzerzhynsk city
Dymytrov city
Dobropillia city
Dokuchaivsk city
Donetsk city
Druzhkivka city
Zhdanivka city
Kirovske city
Kostiantynivka city
Kramatorsk city
Krasnyi Lyman city
Krasnoarmiisk city
Makiivka city
Mariupol city
Novohrodivka city
Selydove city
Sloviansk city
Snizhne city
Torez city
Khartsyzk city
Shakhtarsk city
Yasynuvata city
Zhytomyrska oblast
Rayons - 23
Yemilchynskyi rayon
Andrushivskyi rayon
Baranivskyi rayon
Berdychivskyi rayon
Brusylivskyi rayon
Volodarsko-Volynskyi rayon
Zhytomyrskyi rayon
Korostenskyi rayon
Korostyshivskyi rayon
Luhynskyi rayon
Liubarskyi rayon
Malynskyi rayon
Narodytskyi rayon
Novohrad-Volynskyi rayon
Ovrutskyi rayon
Olevskyi rayon
Popilnianskyi rayon
Radomyshlskyi rayon
Romanivskyi rayon
Ruzhynskyi rayon
Chervonoarmiiskyi rayon
Cherniakhivskyi rayon
Chudnivskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Berdychiv city
Zhytomyr city
Korosten city
Malyn city
Novohrad-Volynskyi city
Zakarpatska oblast
Rayons - 13
Irshavskyi rayon
Berehivskyi rayon
Velykobereznianskyi rayon
Vynohradivskyi rayon
Volovetskyi rayon
Mizhhirskyi rayon
Mukachivskyi rayon
Perechynskyi rayon
Rakhivskyi rayon
Svaliavskyi rayon
Tiachivskyi rayon
Uzhhorodskyi rayon
Khustskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Berehove city
Mukacheve city
Uzhhorod city
Khust city
Chop city
Zaporizka oblast
Rayons - 20
Berdianskyi rayon
Vilnianskyi rayon
Vasylivskyi rayon
Velykobilozerskyi rayon
Veselivskyi rayon
Huliaipilskyi rayon
Zaporizkyi rayon
Kamiansko-Dniprovskyi rayon
Kuibyshevskyi rayon
Melitopolskyi rayon
Mykhailivskyi rayon
Novomykolaivskyi rayon
Orikhivskyi rayon
Polohivskyi rayon
Pryazovskyi rayon
Prymorskyi rayon
Rozivskyi rayon
Tokmatskyi rayon
Chernihivskyi rayon
Yakymivskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Berdiansk city
Enerhodar city
Zaporizhzhia city
Melitopol city
Tokmak city
Ivano-Frankivska oblast
Rayons - 14
Bohorodchanskyi rayon
Verkhovynskyi rayon
Halytskyi rayon
Horodenkivskyi rayon
Dolynskyi rayon
Kaluskyi rayon
Kolomyiskyi rayon
Kosivskyi rayon
Nadvirnianskyi rayon
Rohatynskyi rayon
Rozhniativskyi rayon
Sniatynskyi rayon
Tysmenytskyi rayon
Tlumatskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Ivano-Frankivsk city
Bolekhiv city
Kalush city
Kolomyia city
Yaremcha city
Kyivska oblast
Rayons - 25
Ivankivskyi rayon
Bilotserkivskyi rayon
Baryshivskyi rayon
Bohuslavskyi rayon
Boryspilskyi rayon
Borodianskyi rayon
Brovarskyi rayon
Vasylkivskyi rayon
Vyshhorodskyi rayon
Volodarskyi rayon
Zghurivskyi rayon
Kaharlytskyi rayon
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi rayon
Makarivskyi rayon
Myronivskyi rayon
Obukhivskyi rayon
Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi rayon
Poliskyi rayon
Rokytnianskyi rayon
Skvyrskyi rayon
Stavyshchenskyi rayon
Tarashchanskyi rayon
Tetiivskyi rayon
Fastivskyi rayon
Yahotynskyi rayon
Cities - 13
Irpin city
Bila Tserkva city
Berezan city
Boryspil city
Brovary city
Bucha city
Vasylkiv city
Obukhiv city
Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi city
Prypiat city
Rzhyshchiv city
Slavutych city
Fastiv city
Kirovohradska oblast
Rayons - 21
Bobrynetskyi rayon
Vilshanskyi rayon
Haivoronskyi rayon
Holovanivskyi rayon
Dobrovelychkivskyi rayon
Dolynskyi rayon
Znamianskyi rayon
Kirovohradskyi rayon
Kompaniivskyi rayon
Malovyskivskyi rayon
Novhorodkivskyi rayon
Novoarkhanhelskyi rayon
Novomyrhorodskyi rayon
Novoukrainskyi rayon
Oleksandrivskyi rayon
Oleksandriiskyi rayon
Onufriivskyi rayon
Petrivskyi rayon
Svitlovodskyi rayon
Ulianovskyi rayon
Ustynivskyi rayon
Cities - 4
Znamianka city
Kirovohrad city
Oleksandriia city
Svitlovodsk city
Luhanska oblast
Rayons - 18
Antratsytivskyi rayon
Bilovodskyi rayon
Bilokurakynskyi rayon
Krasnodonskyi rayon
Kreminskyi rayon
Lutuhynskyi rayon
Milovskyi rayon
Markivskyi rayon
Novoaidarskyi rayon
Novopskovskyi rayon
Perevalskyi rayon
Popasnianskyi rayon
Svativskyi rayon
Sverdlovskyi rayon
Slovianoserbskyi rayon
Stanychno-Luhanskyi rayon
Starobilskyi rayon
Troitskyi rayon
Cities - 14
Alchevsk city
Antratsyt city
Brianka city
Kirovsk city
Krasnyi Luch city
Krasnodon city
Lysychansk city
Luhansk city
Pervomaisk city
Rovenky city
Rubizhne city
Sieverodonetsk city
Sverdlovsk city
Stakhanov city
Lvivska oblast
Rayons - 20
Brodivskyi rayon
Buskyi rayon
Horodotskyi rayon
Drohobytskyi rayon
Zhydachivskyi rayon
Zhovkivskyi rayon
Zolochivskyi rayon
Kamianka-Buzkyi rayon
Mykolaivskyi rayon
Mostyskyi rayon
Peremyshlianskyi rayon
Pustomytivskyi rayon
Radekhivskyi rayon
Sambirskyi rayon
Skolivskyi rayon
Sokalskyi rayon
Starosambirskyi rayon
Stryiskyi rayon
Turkivskyi rayon
Yavorivskyi rayon
Cities - 9
Boryslav city
Drohobych city
Lviv city
Morshyn city
Novyi Rozdil city
Sambir city
Stryi city
Truskavets city
Chervonohrad city
Mykolaivska oblast
Rayons - 19
Yelanetskyi rayon
Arbuzynskyi rayon
Bashtanskyi rayon
Berezanskyi rayon
Bereznehuvatskyi rayon
Bratskyi rayon
Veselynivskyi rayon
Voznesenskyi rayon
Vradiivskyi rayon
Domanivskyi rayon
Zhovtnevyi rayon
Kazankivskyi rayon
Kryvoozerskyi rayon
Mykolaivskyi rayon
Novobuzkyi rayon
Novoodeskyi rayon
Ochakivskyi rayon
Pervomaiskyi rayon
Snihurivskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Voznesensk city
Mykolaiv city
Ochakiv city
Pervomaisk city
Yuzhnoukrainsk city
Odeska oblast
Rayons - 26
Ivanivskyi rayon
Izmailskyi rayon
Ananivskyi rayon
Artsyzkyi rayon
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi rayon
Biliaivskyi rayon
Baltskyi rayon
Berezivskyi rayon
Bolhradskyi rayon
Velykomyailivskyi rayon
Kiliiskyi rayon
Kodymskyi rayon
Kominternivskyi rayon
Kotovskyi rayon
Krasnooknianskyi rayon
Liubashivskyi rayon
Mykolaivskyi rayon
Ovidiopolskyi rayon
Reniiskyi rayon
Rozdilnianskyi rayon
Savranskyi rayon
Saratskyi rayon
Tarutynskyi rayon
Tatarbunarskyi rayon
Frunzivskyi rayon
Shyriaivskyi rayon
Cities - 7
Izmail city
Illichivsk city
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi city
Kotovsk city
Odesa city
Teplodar city
Yuzhne city
Poltavska oblast
Rayons - 25
Velykobahachanskyi rayon
Hadiatskyi rayon
Hlobynskyi rayon
Hrebinkivskyi rayon
Dykanskyi rayon
Zinkivskyi rayon
Karlivskyi rayon
Kobeliatskyi rayon
Kozelshchynskyi rayon
Kotelevskyi rayon
Kremenchutskyi rayon
Lokhvytskyi rayon
Lubenskyi rayon
Mashivskyi rayon
Myrhorodskyi rayon
Novosanzharskyi rayon
Orzhytskyi rayon
Pyriatynskyi rayon
Poltavskyi rayon
Reshetylivskyi rayon
Semenivskyi rayon
Khorolskyi rayon
Chornukhynskyi rayon
Chutivskyi rayon
Shyshatskyi rayon
Cities - 5
Komsomolsk city
Kremenchuk city
Lubny city
Myrhorod city
Poltava city
Rivnenska oblast
Rayons - 16
Bereznivskyi rayon
Volodymyretskyi rayon
Hoshchanskyi rayon
Demydivskyi rayon
Dubenskyi rayon
Dubrovytskyi rayon
Zarichnenskyi rayon
Zdolbunivskyi rayon
Koretskyi rayon
Kostopilskyi rayon
Mlynivskyi rayon
Ostrozkyi rayon
Rivnenskyi rayon
Radyvylivskyi rayon
Rokytnivskyi rayon
Sarnenskyi rayon
Cities - 4
Dubno city
Kuznetsovsk city
Ostroh city
Rivne city
Sumska oblast
Rayons - 18
Bilopilskyi rayon
Burynskyi rayon
Velykopysarivskyi rayon
Hlukhivskyi rayon
Konotopskyi rayon
Krasnopilskyi rayon
Krolevetskyi rayon
Lebedynskyi rayon
Lypovodolynskyi rayon
Nedryhailivskyi rayon
Okhtyrskyi rayon
Putyvlskyi rayon
Romenskyi rayon
Seredyno-Budskyi rayon
Sumskyi rayon
Trostianetskyi rayon
Shostkynskyi rayon
Yampilskyi rayon
Cities - 7
Hlukhiv city
Konotop city
Lebedyn city
Okhtyrka city
Romny city
Sumy city
Shostka city
Ternopilska oblast
Rayons - 17
Berezhanskyi rayon
Borshchivskyi rayon
Buchatskyi rayon
Husiatynskyi rayon
Zalishchytskyi rayon
Zbarazkyi rayon
Zborivskyi rayon
Kozivskyi rayon
Kremenetskyi rayon
Lanivetskyi rayon
Monastyryskyi rayon
Pidvolochyskyi rayon
Pidhaietskyi rayon
Terebovlianskyi rayon
Ternopilskyi rayon
Chortkivskyi rayon
Shumskyi rayon
Cities - 1
Ternopil city
Kharkivska oblast
Rayons - 27
Iziumskyi rayon
Balakliiskyi rayon
Barvinkivskyi rayon
Blyzniukivskyi rayon
Bohodukhivskyi rayon
Borivskyi rayon
Valkivskyi rayon
Velykoburlutskyi rayon
Vovchanskyi rayon
Dvorichanskyi rayon
Derhachivskyi rayon
Zachepylivskyi rayon
Zmiivskyi rayon
Zolochivskyi rayon
Kehychivskyi rayon
Kolomatskyi rayon
Krasnohradskyi rayon
Krasnokutskyi rayon
Kupianskyi rayon
Lozivskyi rayon
Novovodolazkyi rayon
Pervomaiskyi rayon
Pechenizkyi rayon
Sakhnovshchynskyi rayon
Kharkivskyi rayon
Chuhuivskyi rayon
Shevchenkivskyi rayon
Cities - 7
Izium city
Kupiansk city
Lozova city
Liubotyn city
Pervomaiskyi city
Kharkiv city
Chuhuiv city
Khersonska oblast
Rayons - 18
Ivanivskyi rayon
Bilozerskyi rayon
Beryslavskyi rayon
Velykolepetyskyi rayon
Velykooleksandrivskyi rayon
Verkhnorohachytskyi rayon
Vysokopilskyi rayon
Henicheskyi rayon
Holoprystanskyi rayon
Hornostaivskyi rayon
Kalanchatskyi rayon
Kakhovskyi rayon
Nyzhnosirohozkyi rayon
Novovorontsovskyi rayon
Novotroitskyi rayon
Skadovskyi rayon
Tsiurupynskyi rayon
Chaplynskyi rayon
Cities - 3
Kakhovka city
Nova Kakhovka city
Kherson city
Khmelnytska oblast
Rayons - 20
Iziaslavskyi rayon
Bilohirskyi rayon
Vinkovetskyi rayon
Volochyskyi rayon
Horodotskyi rayon
Derazhnianskyi rayon
Dunaievetskyi rayon
Kamianets-Podilskyi rayon
Krasylivskyi rayon
Letychivskyi rayon
Novoushytskyi rayon
Polonskyi rayon
Slavutskyi rayon
Starokostiantynivskyi rayon
Starosyniavskyi rayon
Teofipolskyi rayon
Khmelnytskyi rayon
Chemerovetskyi rayon
Shepetivskyi rayon
Yarmolynetskyi rayon
Cities - 6
Kamianets-Podilskyi city
Netishyn city
Slavuta city
Starokostiantyniv city
Khmelnytskyi city
Shepetivka city
Cherkaska oblast
Rayons - 20
Horodyshchenskyi rayon
Drabivskyi rayon
Zhashkivskyi rayon
Zvenyhorodskyi rayon
Zolotoniskyi rayon
Kamianskyi rayon
Kanivskyi rayon
Katerynopilskyi rayon
Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi rayon
Lysianskyi rayon
Mankivskyi rayon
Monastyryshchenskyi rayon
Smilianskyi rayon
Talnivskyi rayon
Umanskyi rayon
Khrystynivskyi rayon
Cherkaskyi rayon
Chyhyrynskyi rayon
Chornobaivskyi rayon
Shpolianskyi rayon
Cities - 6
Vatutine city
Zolotonosha city
Kaniv city
Smila city
Uman city
Cherkasy city
Chernivetska oblast
Rayons - 11
Vyzhnytskyi rayon
Hertsaivskyi rayon
Hlybotskyi rayon
Zastavnivskyi rayon
Kitsmanskyi rayon
Kelmenetskyi rayon
Novoselytskyi rayon
Putylskyi rayon
Sokyrianskyi rayon
Storozhynetskyi rayon
Khotynskyi rayon
Cities - 2
Novodnistrovsk city
Chernivtsi city
Chernihivska oblast
Rayons - 22
Ichnianskyi rayon
Bakhmatskyi rayon
Bobrovytskyi rayon
Borznianskyi rayon
Varvynskyi rayon
Horodnianskyi rayon
Kozeletskyi rayon
Koropskyi rayon
Koriukivskyi rayon
Kulykivskyi rayon
Menskyi rayon
Nizhynskyi rayon
Novhorod-Siverskyi rayon
Nosivskyi rayon
Prylutskyi rayon
Ripkynskyi rayon
Semenivskyi rayon
Sosnytskyi rayon
Sribnianskyi rayon
Talalaivskyi rayon
Chernihivskyi rayon
Shchorskyi rayon
Cities - 3
Nizhyn city
Pryluky city
Chernihiv city
Kyiv city
Sevastopol city
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Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine
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Development of this project was made possible with support
by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
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Instruction on use

Instruction on use

Data review
Pop-up menu contains the available data sets that form the "maps". For convenience, the various datasets are highlighted by the different colors. A larger color saturation of an administrative unit on the map means a bigger numerical or percentage parameter value.

Having chosen the necessary administrative units in à tree like vertical menu on the left side of the map, you launch the algorithm of the sample implementation. The data will be displayed on the map in a few seconds.

Administrative units
For convenience, in addition to the tree like menu of the administrative units, which can be used when searching the nested elements by using the buttons "+" and "-" which roll out and minimize the list of elements, the ability to identify all the elements of one level – the oblasts, rayons or cities – with one click is provided.

To learn about the numerical or percentage sample values it is possible to click the button "Legend".Only the biggest and smallest values will be displayed in the Legend, therefore to get the indicators values of a specific administrative unit which isn't represented in the Legend, it is necessary to perform a separate search.

The export of data to the file of *.pdf format is performed by click on the button with diskette icon on the toolbar.

If necessary, there is a possibility to activate the tips. They can appear when directing a cursor to an element, or to be fixed. To activate the tips, it is necessary to direct the cursor to the "Setup" button in the right upper corner of the map, and to choose a convenient way of tips display.

Modes: card and schedule
To view a sample in the form of a schedule, it is necessary to click the button "Show à chart" over the map. To return from the schedule mode to the map, it is necessary to click the button "Show on the map" in the same place.

Comparison of administrative units
The possibility of comparison of administrative units of one level (for example, the city-city, the rayon- rayon) and different levels (the city-oblast, the  rayon-city etc.) is provided. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the wanted elements in the menu of administrative units.

Expanded search
By means of expanded search (the button in the left upper corner of the map) it is possible to do difficult samples, setting the preferable parameters for each map, or their parts for administrative units of different levels.

The results can also be viewed as a graph, saved in *.pdf format, or placed on a blog / social network.

Possibility of sample placement on the map in a blog and a social network
By clicking the "Report" button it is possible to receive a code for an insert into a blog or a social network. In this case the data sample remains.

More about the project
The logos and summary of project participants are placed under the map. By following the link "More about the project", it is also possible to receive the additional information about its creation, functioning and further plans.

Information about the launch of new reports and their description
The information about the launch of new reports and their description will be placed under the map in the form of information blocks. If the information which you are interested in, is absent, use a feedback form communication.

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